Credit conditions in 1 million rubles

Consumer lending is a way to solve financial difficulties and satisfy the current needs of citizens. But since the credit services market is now very developed, and in all credit services you will not immediately understand this, it will not be so easy for a person to understand where he will treat and what a credit product will come true. How to find a suitable offer with good conditions

The best option is to seek help from a brokerage company.

Terms of provision of credit funds for 1 million rubles

The purpose of the borrowed funds does not have strict requirements: report and confirm where you plan to spend the funds received is not necessary. You can spend them where you need: training, medical services, shopping, real estate, travel and more. This type of lending has high demand not only due to the fact that you can spend money at your own discretion, but also because the service is carried out quickly, which is very convenient.

Required list of conditions when concluding a lending agreement in the company

· Citizenship of the Russian Federation;

· At the time of contacting the bank for the service of lending, you should be at least 21 years;

· At the time of the return of debt and interest for the use of the company’s service of not more than 70 years.

The process of issuing an application for the necessary funds is very


What are the advantages to be served in Haton

There are cases where the client simply does not have the opportunity to confirm its earnings by the official piece of paper: income from rent, individual services, «gray salary» and so on. Find a person who agreed to act as a guarantor — a difficult task, not everyone can agree on this, as it implies his burden of responsibility. In such circumstances

Pros service with us:

· An individual approach to developing conditions for lending per 1 million rubles;

· Low credit fee — from 7.2%;

· Ability to make a percentage rate below;

· The right to create an individual repayment schedule for a monthly loan fee;

· Instant processing of a request for servicing your application;

· Getting the required amount of banking on the day of filling out the application.

There is no need to spend a lot of time and energy to design and order documents for issuing a loan. All you need is to bring with you a passport and a second document that would confirm your personality. Experts of the organization