Credit cards with a grace period

Many people often have difficulty with money, not even because they are missing, and the salary is delayed or it is spontaneously need to acquire something / attributed to repair and so on, but it is not yet soon. What do you do in such cases? Yes, definitely, you can seek help from friends and relatives, but if there is no possibility?

And many aware people have not known such problems for a long time using a credit card with a preferential refund.


In fact, the credit card is a consumer loan issued by the Bank to the Client under a certain percentage. However, unlike a simple loan, the percentage of which is charged immediately after receiving, interest on the credit card is not charged on the entire limit, but by the amount of the operations performed on the card.

For example, the limit on your card is 120 thousand rubles. During the month, you paid twice with a card for purchases by 15 and 20 thousand rubles. Interest for the use of credit money is accrued only to these 35 thousand rubles, and the accrual will be made separately for the amount of each operation, starting from the moment of its commission. If before a certain number of next month you will return this money to the card account, the accrued interest will not have to pay.

Estimated period

Banks independently set the duration of this period. Many banks it lasts 50-60 days, but some offer an interest-free period over 100 days.
Credit cards with a preferential condition can be the main assistant for you not at the most pleasant moment.

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