Conditions on the loan 800 000 rubles

Lending to consumer needs is enjoyed by increased interest, because with the help of it you can solve a lot of questions: to spend money for family needs, to buy something for home, send funds to develop your business and so on. Key moment before choosing a suitable organization where it would be possible to draw up a contract

Conditions Loan 800 000 of the broker «Haton

The list of suggestions of consumer lending is diverse and acceptable for absolutely different categories of citizens. You can highlight the main feature that combines all types of loans — this is what

· Help on wage availability;

· Help at the place of employment;

· Search for persons who agree to take on the responsibility of the guarantor;

· Providing a pledge subject;

· Availability of certificate that you are not a debtor to government agencies.

The organization sets itself a goal to facilitate the process of customer service, and therefore does not consider it necessary to demand from the client for any documents. In view of this, you do not lose a large amount of time for hiking and design package of documents, do not spend your strength. This approach makes it possible to conclude a loan agreement on the day of appeal from company specialists and

Often a negative history of loans spoils the relationship of honey with a borrower and a credit institution, and it does not matter how long-term payments from the client were dated. As a rule, none of the banks want to provide loan to such clients. But in the company

Conclusion of contractual relationships for lending is available to customers with Russian citizenship. That is, it will be necessary to take into the organization only

· Interest rate under lending contracts —

· Period of use of the loan

· Ability to reduce the value of the clients for customers who were previously served in Haton Credit;

· Getting the loan amount without pledge and search for guarantors;

· Possible cancellation of compulsory credit insurance;

· Payment of service only after receiving money on hand, otherwise the fee is not charged;

· Cooperation with more than 70 credit and financial organizations.

Scheme of work

Fill out the application fields on the official page.

Free acquaintance with banking telephone services with a company specialist.

Registration and signature of the contract directly in the office.

Obtaining funds on a loan at the cash office of the banking institution.


Credit funds are provided with loan-contributors to absolutely any goals and needs, it is not necessary to report to the bank, what exactly do you plan to spend the money received. The company guarantees constant support of a consultant specialist throughout the process of issuing a lending agreement. The firm has extensive experience in both individuals and legal entities.