Citizens of the Russian Federation have ceased to answer credit obligations

According to the media, the Russians have ceased to make payments on loan agreements, which can lead to a massive increase in problem debt and overdue among the population, as well as to deterioration of credit history for most banking clients.

It is known that the size of problem loans has increased dramatically:

· Car loan by 129%;

· Mortgage loans — 125%.

Such data reported BKA (credit history bureaus) Equifax. In March of this year, the banking sector issued loans for a total of almost 1 trillion. rubles, which is a record number. It can be assumed that citizens were preparing for the worst times and therefore they scored the maximum

Financial analysts shared their opinions as to behave in such a difficult situation.

Very good option can become

Because of the pandemic and entered in the past quarantine restrictions, many borrowers acquired

Representatives of banking institutions implied such a course of events, and therefore from April decided to neglect the principles of loyalty and more severely refer to the choice of a potential client. Because of this, the percentage of approval in May, for example,

The thing is that while the economy in the world and the state will not restore, and according to preliminary estimates, it may require about two years or more, citizens will not be able to get out of the overdue, and banks will continue to take the choice of a loan as much as much as possible.

It is worth noting that the place of work Russians lost, and such people amounted to somewhere

The Ministry of Economy and Mintruda warn that the profitability of the population until the end of 2020 will fall even up to 12%, and the volume of problem debts will continue to grow further.