Central Bank of the Russian Federation does not support the idea of changing the date of the ban on the right to replenish the replenishment of inconsonified wallets

The Association of Banking Institutions in connection with the Pandemic made an appeal to the Chairman of the Board of the Central Bank of Russia, with the request, transfer the date of entry into force of the amendments to the regulatory document «On the National Payment System». The fact is that this adjustment puts a ban on the execution of operations to replenish the unspecified electronic wallets, which are used to pay services,

The legislative project should begin its action a year after its publication, which was conducted on 2.08.2019. The Banking Sector Association asks to postpone the beginning of the action of the Law on 3.02.2021. In AD report that

In addition to changing the date on

Requirements to introduce measures to restrict the operations to replenish electronic accounts — deprives the usual entry of the banking client on the platform of non-cash transfers, as the opening and use