Cat «loan» or the most ridiculous loan

Often people turn to the bank, not only in order to obtain a loan on the security of real estate, but also on absolutely «unusual» things.
Talking with a bank employee, you can hear very funny and ridiculous credit stories from their own practice.

For example, one of the Russian banks issued a loan for the purchase of a cat. And not an ordinary cat, but practically gold. In the bank they say that one client asked to give her a loan to the purchase of an elite representative of the Feline family. The animal had to become a gift of the client for the New Year. Bankers were surprised when the borrower told not only about the purpose of the loan, but also about the required amount — 100,000 rubles. It was about Maine Cune. Representatives of this breed reach a length of up to 120 centimeters and can weigh up to 12 kilograms. According to experts, the price of Maine Coon in the Russian Federation begins from 45,000 rubles. Quality pedigree only adds value to the value. By the way, representatives of this breed are not the most expensive animals. There are, let’s say, a cat asher, who has kittens can cost up to $ 22,000.

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