Business entities asked for a discount on tests on COVID-19 to their employees

In connection with the situation to combat the COVID-19 virus and introduced recommendations from the authorities, enterprises have significantly increased the cost part. Restrictive measures in the work due to the introduction of a pandemic cost Russian businessmen about

In accordance with the official statistics in April of this year, the amount of revenue in Russian firms decreased by almost 21%, if compared with March. Serious losses suffered a sphere of railway transportation, whose turnover for a month fell by 74%, and in the monetary equivalent — by 8 billion rubles. The hotel industry for the corresponding period lost approximately

Russian businessmen appealed to representatives of state power so that they gave them benefits to testing their employees to coronavirus. The consuming part of large organizations can achieve

RSPP made an appeal of Rospotrebnadzor, asking to apply a decline in test prices in accredited laboratories. The major business of the Russian Federation engaged in the production of goods and products of everyday use, asks for a discount in tax liabilities and

Enterprises sent a letter to officials, where they want to clarify whether it is possible to deduct the cost of organizing employee testing for the presence of a COVID-19 virus, and if not, what is the chance to make amendments to tax legislation. In Moscow, thanks to the decree of the head of the capital S. Sobyanin, employers were obliged to check the COVID-19 virus at least 10% of people employed in their organization, and since early June, testing should be held every 15 days.

It is worth noting that on April 22, changes were made to the laws on taxation, according to which it was possible

Large companies spend testing with

According to media information, the one-time testing of the tenth part of employees at the factory in the territory of Moscow is in cash

In the meantime, there is an increase in the level of value for testing for the determination of coronavirus carriers. The price for one test for Coronavirus from the last numbers of April to the end of May increased by 50%, and the period of issuing results is from 2 to 4 to 7 — 8 days. This provision provokes the exit of most of the employees from the production mechanism, and the number of costs of directors of firms with a high indicator of employees constitute several dozen million rubles for 1 year. Possible option that will be installed