Borrowed resources secured by special equipment

In practice, widespread

Loan conditions with a pledge of special equipment

· The interest rate is 6%;

· The permissible amount of obtaining credit resources — 50 million rubles;

· The term of consideration of the application for the conclusion of a loan agreement — 1 day;

· Special equipment must be not older for use than 30 years;

· PTS is kept by a borrower;

· The period of use of loan funds is 5 years;

· Receiving money up to 95% of the size of the cost of special equipment at market prices.

To arrange a lending agreement, the borrower should be not under 21 years and not older than 75 years, while citizenship should be Russian.

Documents that will need to show when considering the application

· Passport;

· Snols;

· PTS (vehicle passport);

· Driver certificate;

· Photos of special equipment;

· A full package of necessary documents may vary, given the specific lending program with a pledge of special equipment.

Trust professionals

In the organisation

There is no need to pay before the firm will help you in the design of credit funds.

All work happens quickly without delay.

The potential borrower has the right to cooperate on optimal conditions, including using the minimum permissible interest rate value.

Work with many clients, including individuals, IP, business entities.