Borrowed funds with a pledge of their own share

Not so long ago, a proposal appeared on the loan products market

Loan under share

According to the current legislation, a citizen who has a part of the living space has the right to use it for its own purposes, while not asking the opinions of the other owners. Many financial companies are ready to take your share as

There is no agreement with living space neighbors. In this situation, you can take advantage of your share as providing borrowed resources and purchase a separate real estate facility.

division of property for family reasons.

Inheritance of a certain share of real estate, in which the owner will not live.

Cooperation with «Haton Credit»

To begin with, the credit fee should fill out the application form for a credit program on the official page

What can offer under the terms «Haton

The ability to reduce the percentage of the loan.

In a short time, consider the possible lending options, we will select the most convenient.

Consultation is provided free of charge.


Loan with a deposit to the half of the property share can be issued without insurance.

We cooperate even with «problem» customers.