Banks thought about «eternal»

It has become a real sensation

In fairness, it is impossible not to say that the conversations about the release of durable bonds went from the beginning of this year. Already in the middle of summer, the first specific information on the prepared operations in VTB appeared on the organization’s website. So it became known that the Bonds of the C-1 series will arrive. As part of the program, securities should be placed in the amount of 1 trillion rubles. At the same time, the nominal bonds can be calculated not only in the domestic currency, but also in foreign.

It is worth noting that for the global market is quite acceptable to the practice of using super-long debt securities. Their release is used not only financial, but also non-financial structures and even government agencies. However, for the Russian Federation, the use of such securities is a very rare case. But, however, financial structures were not confident in their strength, so far Russian banks are not ready to call, when it is precisely a truly eternal, that is, indefinite bonds.

Note that VTB Bank

There are some experience in working with durable bonds. So, 7 years ago, Eurobonds were issued for the market totaling $ 2 billion 250 million dollars. It was planned that a percentage rate will be revised every 10 years. Initially, it was set at 9.5 percent. And ten years later, the possibility of early redemption of Eurobonds appears.

We Mend WTB

Representatives of the Moscow Credit Bank, Rosselkhozbank, Gazprombank, MTS Bank and the SMP Bank were trying to work with the eternal securities. However, it is from VTB that are waiting for incredible achievements. If you believe the official statistics of the European Analytical Agency, in the spring of this year, 26 issues of perpetual bonds were in the domestic market, the total amount of which reaches almost 7 billion dollars. Securities are the so-called «Eternal subordinated obligations» of banks.


Experts are confident that a long strap at 9 percent of annual Russian banks will not be able to hold. At the first stage, issuers will naturally be able to take advantage of the highest possible conditions. But later, they may lose premium at all. Recall that according to the current legislation in the Russian Federation, not only banks can produce long-term bonds, but also other economic sector players. The law entered into force this year, but no one has yet taken advantage of this privilege.