Banking companies proposed to introduce the write-off of the Commission with customer accounts

If you refer to current legislation, it can be noted that credit and financial institutions have no right to exercise

Russian banking companies reveal the desire to obtain the opportunity to produce

· The client did not respond to a message or a phone call;

· Bank customer data was not updated.

Absolute Bank became the initiator of the introduction of the write-off operation, he undertakes his actions within the project

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The proposal to realize the right to the application of the write-off of funds in the event that the personal information of the organization’s client has been changed, and it did not consider this circumstance to inform. By virtue of


Bank employees can also control how relevant information on citizens they are serviced. If the information on the client correspond to reality, any transactions can be carried out. But if the client did not come to the Bank’s office for a long time, to inform the staff that the information of the passport changed, the organization will be able to write off the money that will be aimed at conducting an account, as well as payment of loan agreements.

Some banks share the following point of view.