Banking companies give refusals of 17% of applicants from loan entities in 2%

Banking organizations of the Russian Federation refuse about 17% of entrepreneurs who sent the applications for the right to credit under a reduced rate of 2%. Such information became known thanks to

Since June, banks began to actively provide companies

During the «test purchase», 182 applications were analyzed, of which the rejected were 31 or 17%, and the approved appeals were 67 or 37%, and the payment process of payments has already begun. 84 Applications from entrepreneurs were left to the process of consideration or 46%. Check on requests for credit products under 2% was carried out in 38 regions and some banks.

It is worth noting that in 36% of the total number of stated entrepreneurs did not comply with the conditions for the provision

Now banking firms are more advantageous to agree (if you compare the credit program with a rate of 0% to ensure wages), but a number of problems are observed. These include some non-compliance with the rules for certain reasons (dismissal of an employee at his own request, maternity leave, moving to another place and so on) — the interest rate level increases, and the percentage under the contract may not be established, as a rule, is

It should be emphasized that there is no single transparent lending scheme, the incomprehensible mechanism of determining the credit amount is applied, which is established according to the issuance limits. In most cases, the decisions taken on the abandonment of the banking sector are not argued and do not have the ability to be somewhere challenged.