As an IP competently start conducting their activities

As an IP competently start conducting their activities

Open IP

· Fill out a special application for registration;

· Make a copy of certain pages of the passport;

· Certify the state duty.

The next thing that will have to do is to pass all the documents to the tax authority and wait after 5 working days of issuance of a certificate of opening of the PI. The corresponding entry will also appear in the Eagle.

Before each citizen, who decided to start their entrepreneurial activity will be the financial issue where to take start-up capital. There are the following options:

Financial assistance from the government: grants, subsidies.



Credit resources that can be used for successful business management is suitable for IP, individuals, as well as entrepreneurs. Banking institutions are not so willing to cooperate with IP, as they are not sure that their activities are constant. Representatives of the Bank are always difficult to understand how reliability and solvent IP, which often use a simplified system of tax payments.

· Experience of activities;

· The presence of certain property and values that can act as collateral;

· There is a guarantor who will serve as a guarantee for providing payments on the loan;

· Excellent status of credit dossier.

If IP does not possess any of the above conditions — the best option to apply for professional help to the financial intermediary