As a credit amount of 1 million rubles can affect the credit dossier

Credit and financial organizations provide various services to the population, including

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What is the influence of ki on the rating of a loan

Analysis of solvency

Two other types of ki are formed from the following actions of a citizen:

The structure of keros:




Since 2015, it was decided to record the debts in front of the LCA, the failure to fulfill obligations to pay alimony payments, and others. Once a year, the client has the right to check the ki for free.

What affects loan rating of a loan

· Total time when a citizen is leaving (systematics and time between conclusions of loan agreements);

· How many unlocked loan accounts are available;

· The presence of unpaid payments, the timely deposit of funds on the loan;

· Too much failures;

· The fact of obtaining microloans, and how much a total of such contracts;

· The size of the debt part, if available;

· Type of courts (one-time or revolving).

How 1 million borrowed funds change

If you have already spoiled credit dossier, it does not mean that you will never be able to

In this case, it is possible to refer to specialists in the company