A composed parade of suicide bins from banks!

Experts of one of the famous consulting companies called McKinsey reported that most of the world’s banks will soon finish their existence due to the coming crisis. At the moment, critical conditions have been created: no profit, critical general economic indicators, lack of acquittal in various fields of activity, reduction in consumer demand for loans. All this will lead to bankruptcy greater than half of financial structures. And Russia will be no exception.

Who will win and who will lose

After 10 years, the universal crisis of the banking industry will be aggravated. Over the past year, the volume of borrowing increased by only 4 percent, and this is the lowest indicator over the past few years. In addition, statistics show that the consumer gradually falls the level of confidence even to banks that have impeccable reputation and many years of experience. Record low interest rates further exacerbate the financial position of many banking structures. After all, it makes a profit on no.

According to official information, credit organizations operating within the European Union every year lose more than $ 8 billion due to negative rates. Russian analysts also suggest that European and American regulators themselves brought the financial market to a deplorable state. The reason was the impossibility of getting at least some income in credit transactions. As a result, in a short time, we can expect a global collapse of the banking sector shares.

Russians — not a quiet harbor

International experts report that a serious banking crisis will not bypass the Russian Federation. However, the blow to the economic collapse will be mitigated due to the fact that the Central Bank of Russia has been engaged in the cleansing of the market from the weakest players for 6 years. More than 70 billion dollars were spent on it. As a result, the number of credit institutions has decreased significantly (more than 2 times).

Most frankly

Fraudual organizations a state managed to get rid of. Large firms absorb small, in view of which the situation stabilizes. However, the global economy will contribute anyway. The globalization of business processes will help to normalize the position, as well as the essential development of technological platforms.