30% reduced the number of refuses in the bank

According to information

· Individuals by 30%;

· IP — 35%;

· Business entities — 20%.

In accordance with the data from reports, the total number of customers from

Increasing knowledge in the field of finance and banks served as a decrease in the «problematic» credit powers, in particular, would like to note the work on conducting explanatory dialogues on the theme «Anti-Washing» activities related to certain transactions and the use of banking current accounts. More serious representatives of entrepreneurial activities are considered as potential customers for cooperation. Also

Analysts and specialists argue that about 15% of the total number of all cases are subject to blocking without prior warning about it. The law against the «laundering» of funds contains a list of norms regulating the procedure for conducting transactions and assigning some operations to the type of suspicious.

What monetary operations are controlled

Transfer of money, with a sum of more than 600 thousand rubles;

Operations with real estate objects in the amount of 3 million rubles;

Arrivals from a foreign state in the amount of more than 100 thousand rubles

If it happened so that the settlement account of the entrepreneur is frozen, he has the opportunity to unlock it in a rapid order for a certain fee.